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The Endless Train of Rogue One Behind-the-Scenes Stories Continues With Enlightening Video

Alan Tudyk had an in-person cameo? Curse this sudden but inevitable meta joke.


The stories and legends surrounding Rogue One seem to grow by the day, and it’s likely we won’t see any end to these myths. That being said, this isStar Wars production, and honestly, for a franchise so storied, myths should be downright expected. Looper has created a video rounding up many of these behind-the-scenes stories, reiterating some pretty well-known ones while also pulling back the curtain on some perhaps lesser-known facts.

The video covers everything from Rogue One‘s original opening crawl to Alan Tudyk’s lost cameo. Yeah, you read that right: Tudyk, who plays K-2SO and was the motion capture basis for the droid, originally had a cameo in the film as a pilot. For whatever reason, it just ended up getting cut, and a moment that would’ve proven to be one of the most meta moments in Star Wars history fell onto the cutting room floor.

What I found the most interesting was that Gareth Edwards was dedicated to capturing the look and visual textures of A New Hope, and he was able to do so by marrying some old and new tech together. Edwards slapped some vintage ultra Panavision 7mm lenses onto their ultra high-tech 6K large format cameras, thus bringing in some of those classic 70s-era visual feels into the high definition modern age. Visually speaking, the movie was a departure from many of the other Star Wars films, which I believe was one of its strengths, as it served to highlight the “war movie” tone Edwards had promised.

Rogue One was a movie that had many, many things going for it, but it still had all the pressures of being the first of a brand new type of Star Wars movie. You don’t just go around trying to change up the Star Wars formula (ask George Lucas himself), at least not without risking making a lot of fans angry in the process. That being said, Rogue One pulled off blazing a new trail while still maintaining solid, direct links to its source. It served as a wonderful bridge back to the original movies, and many of the behind-the-scenes stories presented here in this video show exactly how they pulled that off.

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be watching Rogue One. Again.

(via Laughing Squid)

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