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Jyn Erso Assembles Her Team in Rogue One TV Spot

"Are you with me?"

Only a month and ten days now stand between us and the premiere of Rogue One, so there’s no question that Disney is going to be ramping up the promotional spots–and that includes this new one released today. It does provide some new footage, however briefly, so if you’re like my friend who refuses to watch anything Rogue One-related before the premiere (not even so much as a trailer) then you might want to refrain from hitting play.

As far as this TV spot goes–it may be short but it is fierce, giving us everything from the main Star Wars theme on piano and slowed down considerably to establishing shots of each of the members of Jyn Erso’s crew she’ll have to assemble in order to nab those pesky Death Star plans for the Rebellion.

“We have hope,” Jyn says, in her own version of the rousing speech the heroine gives just prior to the big fight. “Rebellions are built on hope. Are you with me?” Oh, my butt will be firmly planted in the theater on December 16, Jyn, so it’s safe to say I am undoubtedly with you.

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