Grand Theft Auto V promo image, with a woman getting arrrested.

‘Rockstar Games’ To Celebrate 25 Years With ‘GTA VI’ Trailer

After a torturously long wait and plenty of hilarious memes, Grand Theft Auto VI is finally getting its first trailer early next month. Rockstar Games, one of the biggest gaming companies on the planet, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this December and will release the GTA VI trailer to mark the occasion.

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GTA V came out in 2013, but we haven’t gotten a new one since then. It’s crazy to think that many people will have completed high school, their undergraduate studies, and grad school all before Rockstar has released GTA VI. While we have scant few details about the game right now, we do know two things: it will be set in Miami and will feature the franchise’s first female protagonist.

As we’ve talked about before, this is both good and bad. While the series undoubtedly needs more female representation, Rockstar is hardly the company we should trust to do this. The GTA series is rife with misogyny. There have been numerous feminist critiques of the franchise, such as the way it portrays sex workers, its locker room talk writing, and so on.

As Kotaku points out, Rockstar North has one of the largest gender pay gaps in the gaming industry. The company is also known for its incredibly hostile work environment that dehumanizes women daily. This is clearly not the company that should be writing any female characters to begin with.

Rockstar has been called out for its callous treatment of women before. According to Polygon, CEO Dan Houser said that masculinity was integral to the identity of GTA, and we believe him. These are games where women are either sex objects or nagging girlfriends and wives to ignore. The men who helm these stories are vile and toxic as hell. There’s no space for positive masculinity or femininity. I mean, just look at the image we used for this article.

But who knows, maybe this will all change with GTA VI. We don’t have our hopes up for very obvious reasons, but anything’s possible.

(via Rockstar Newswire, featured image: Rockstar Games)

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