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Things We Saw Today: Robert De Niro Dropped TWO F-Bombs on Live TV and It Was Great

Robert De Niro attends the DIRECTTV Premiere Of

There will be adult language in this post, because Robert De Niro is just…awesome. He’s not only talented, he’s the voice of the people, such as when he stepped up at the Tonys to say: “Fuck Trump.” So succinct. So right. The legendary actor is making the round to promote his latest collaboration with fellow icon, Martin Scorsese in The Irishman and while the Netflix epic is garnering rave reviews, Brian Stelter on CNN wanted to talk about the political stances De Niro has taken of late and the controversy they have caused Well, when it comes to the pundits on Fox News wringing their hands over his language, De Niro isn’t backing down at all:

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As fun as De Niro dropping a double f-bomb on a Sunday morning talk show is, the real meat of his comment are what matter: Trump shouldn’t be president. End of story. And F@&$ anyone who wants to argue about it. Bob (I call him Bob) has the right idea, the arguements of language and other performative nonsense aren’t worth our time. As with many of his performances (we’re not gonna talk about Rocky and Bulwinkle, okay?) De Niro’s honesty is getting rave reviews:



Nothing but respect for MY Godfather.

In other, less spicy news around the net:

And finally, we wish a happy new year to all celebrating Rosh Hashanah! Shana Tova!

(featured image: Andrew Toth/Getty Images for DIRECTTV; via CNN)

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