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Ridley Scott Never Wants to Go To Space; Has Only Himself to Blame

Fear is the Mind Killer

Esquire: You have no interest in being an [space tourist]?

Ridley Scott: Nothing could interest me less. I’d much rather have a martini and go to a nice restaurant.

Esquire: You could do a lot more than that with the money. Tickets on the Virgin Galactic are $200,000.

Ridley Scott: Really? That’s [@#$!]-ing absurd.Ridley Scott, director of Alien.

The seventy-four year old filmmaker went on to say:

I’m just not their target audience for this. The idea of flying in general does not appeal to me. I can barely understand why people want to fly at all, other than that it’s occasionally necessary.

Scott does note that to do go any “respectable distance” in space, you’re going to want to be in a medically induced coma the entire time. (And yes, Esquire asked him if he isĀ uninterestedĀ in space because of the themes of his work, and the answer is no.)

(via Blastr.)

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