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REVIEW: ‘At Midnight’ Proves the Romantic Comedy Is Back!

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Diego Boneta and Monica Barbaro in At Midnight

We’re in the time of romantic comedies and when it comes to deciding whether or not you should watch a new one or return to the classics, you have to wade through them. Luckily, there are new movies coming out that really work to bring something new and refreshing to the genre and have fun with the idea of a romantic comedy. Like At Midnight.

Starring Diego Boneta as Alejandro and Monica Barbaro as Sophie, the movie brings us two people stuck in their own work lives and refusing to open up to the possibilities of love that are waiting for them. Sophie is an actress in a huge superhero franchise but when you love interest in the movies and real life boyfriend Adam (Anders Holm) cheats on her, she takes the next movie in the franchise to figure her life out.

And that’s when she meets Alejandro who has been told that he’s not allowed to date anyone who stays at the resort that he manages and the two struggle to find a way to not fall in love with one another. They need each other to force themselves out of their shell to do what is right and it feels like one of those classic romantic comedies from the 90s that inspired so many of us.

Set in Mexico, the film is also beautiful and watching it in the cold of winter inspires you to go somewhere warm, inviting, and wish for your own love story to unfold there. It’s such a fun movie because of its leads and truly is a perfect Valentine’s Day movie.

Diego Boneta and Monica Barbaro are magnetic

A rom-com is only as good as its romantic leads. And while the movie shines with all of the side characters and arcs, it really works because of Boneta and Barbaro. Alejandro and Sophie could have felt fake if the two hadn’t committed to their love story. Luckily we were gifted with two actors who knew exactly how to sell their growth and attraction and it works!

It’s one of those movies that makes you you really just want to embrace love and the holiday despite your own feelings. As a single woman, I tend to hate Valentine’s Day but watching At Midnight just filled me with such joy and will hopefully make you happy too.

The movie as a whole is charming. It’s a love story that is simple, sweet, and yet we still are on the edge of our seat waiting to figure out what is going to happen next. If you have the desire to fall in love, watch At Midnight this Valentine’s Day and see the beauty of the Jonah Feingold film!

And yes, I do want to watch these superhero movies that Adam and Sophie are starring in. Mainly because Sophie really does seem committed to bringing them to life in a true and honest way and I love it!

You can now see At Midnight on Paramount+ and it’s a definite must-see!

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