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Chinese Restaurant Lets Beautiful People Eat Free, Reinforces Society’s Beauty Bubble Standards

Paging Dr. Drew.



If you’re feeling particularly self-confident, there’s a restaurant that will literally subject your face to a panel of judges, and if they find your face aesthetically pleasing, they’ll grant you a free meal. You bubble dwellers will have to go all the way to China to get your free food, but at least your Chinese is probably as good as Jack Donaghy and Dr. Drew Baird’s French.

Zhengzhou’s Jeju Island Korean restaurant uses a face scanner to show images of customers’ faces to a group of plastic surgeons that the restaurant’s new gimmick aims to promote. Fifty of the most attractive people each day, as decided by the surgeons, will get their meal for free—everyone else will have to pay full price, plus an unknown amount of self-esteem that will probably be lost in the process.

But Zhengzhou officials are worried that the pretty people promotion is an ugly look for their city, which we can sympathize with. There’s really not a better symbol of society’s harmful obsession with its own beauty standards than a panel of surgeons who forcibly mold people’s body’s to fit them using those same standards as a basis for who gets a meal. While the city either can’t do or just haven’t yet done anything about the practice itself, authorities dismantled a sign outside the eatery that advertised free meals for good looking people.

Restaurant manager Xue Hexin, however, promises all of Zhengzhou’s attractive citizens can rest assured that he’ll keep them safe inside their beautiful people bubble, and keep everyone else convinced there’s a right and wrong way to look. He told the Chinese News Service, “We will be more prudent with our advertising in future. But the promotion will continue despite the demolition of our sign.”

(via Yahoo Tech)

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