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There Wasn’t Enough Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village so Fandom Has Called Upon Chris Redfield to Rock Her Look

Bless the fanart community, as always
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Art by Dani
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Spoilers for Resident Evil Village up to Lady Dimitrescu’s castle.

Now listen. I’m not saying I’m mad at Capcom for having Lady Dimitrescu strut her tall, shapely figure all over their ad campaign for Resident Evil Village. I don’t blame them, hell, I’m thankful I got to see so much of her all over, where, everywhere—and that’s STILL the case when striking up a conversation about this game.


Our time with this woman and her nightly wails of filthy man thing were much shorter than I, and many others, expected. The same can be said about her daughters who, apparently, think my blood tastes just fine, thank you very much.

Lady Dimitrescu’s castle is the first place Ethan goes to (after some other mishaps like “that house of villagers is destined to die” and “gathering of the super bosses”). While the trailers, and the demo, made it look like you’d spend the bulk of your time in this castle, it turns out it’s just one pitstop in Ethan’s quest to save his baby girl. And really, I’m fine with that, I like that we have multiple places we’re going, I just… miss Lady Dimitrescu SO MUCH, y’all. It takes between one to two hours to get through her part of the game (depending on how fast you’re playing), so before I knew it, she and her daughters were dead.

Who’s gonna lift me by the neck and give me suggestive looks before stabbing me now?!

How about Chris Redfield, one of Resident Evil’s protagonist characters since the original game?

See, there I was, scrolling through Twitter when I came across this gorgeous fanart from an artist named Dani, who was kind enough to send over the picture so you (and I, most definitely I) could gaze upon its glory.

Chris as Lady D

Art by Dani






What I like about Dani’s look (besides the glorious platter of Chris titty) is that the look is altered to fit Chris. Instead of the long, elegant cigarette holder, Chris uses his boulder-punching hands to bring the cigarette straight to his lips. He also, instead of the stab-happy claws, has a gun, cuz Chris is always packing heat.

And those eyes.

Lord, them eyes.

I mean Chris has been through some shit I’m sure he’s got smoldering, glowy eyes by now, right?

This is probably a bad (read: good, yes yes, oh so very good) time to mention that Dani’s added another piece to this collection: Leon S. Kennedy, everyone’s favorite rookie cop who had one of gaming’s worst first day on the job experiences with that whole “zombie invasion” thing in Resident Evil 2.

Fanged Leon fanged Leon FANGED LEON!!!


Dani also goes on to say, “I’ve gotten requests for Wesker, Carlos, and Ada in similar outfits, and I honestly just might.”

Dani. I know I’m just some random Resident Evil fan out in these Internet streets but I would offer all of the magic healing water in my inventory slot to see Albert “I sleep in my sunglasses on” Wesker dressed as Lady Dimitrescu. The POWER of that image!

Dani, in her Twitter post of the art, says that she was inspired by another artist who goes by Theobromic, who called upon the modding community to put Chris in a Lady Dimitrescu inspired outfit for the entirety of the game since she’s only in a fraction of the story.

What a sensually joyous idea accompanied by some top-tier thirst trap artwork!

Honestly, do we even need modders to do it? Couldn’t Capcom just go back to their old Resident Evil roots of alternate outfits based on certain requirements you fulfilled in the game? I still remember trying my damndest to reach the police station in Resident Evil 2 without picking up ammo JUST so I could get new looks for Leon and Claire.

Couldn’t we.


Do that?

I highly recommend checking out more of Dani’s art over at her Twitter account.

As for Theobromic, the inspiration behind Dani’s work, you can click on the name to go to their Twitter OR check out their Patreon right here.

Thank you, fandom, for giving me everything I didn’t realize I needed.

(Image: Dani)

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