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Ironic How GOP Screams About Cancel Culture but Cancels Rep. Liz Cheney for Standing Against Trump

Bunch of hypocrites.

US Representative Liz Cheney speaks to press at US Capitol.

House Republicans have finally done it. They voted to remove U.S. Representative Liz Cheney as GOP conference chair. And why, you may ask? Oh, because she dared question former President Donald Trump. And it’s a load of garbage, no matter how the Republicans try to spin it, despite that we’re no fans of Cheney overall. Cheney stood her ground and called out Trump’s ridiculous claims about election fraud, the absolute bare minimum we should expect from elected officials in 2021, and even that was too much for the GOP.

It’s made even more ridiculous once you take into consideration how much Republicans love to scream about cancel culture. It’s seen as the scourge of 2021, with Republicans claiming they are being censored because of their views. And day in and day out on Fox News, I’ve seen Republicans assert that freedom of speech is a fundamental right that we should all subscribe to no matter where you’re from.

But I guess that doesn’t apply to Republicans when the person in question is inside of their party. And it makes the whole lot of them a bunch of hypocrites who are not even an ounce trustworthy if they are willing to turn on their own because she dared to speak against obvious lies. I thought freedom of speech was important, Republicans? Oh wait, it’s only important and matters when it’s beneficial to you, your party, and your agenda. Anyone else who steps a toe out of line is wrong and it’s a load of BS.

The fact of the matter is that former and failed President Donald Trump lost the 2021 presidential election. He lost it, acted like a child about it, and actively instigated his own own fan-base to storm the Capitol building in what is considered a domestic terrorist attack. Republicans shouldn’t be embracing the death of democracy in this manner, because that’s what it is to follow and praise someone like Trump. But they’ll do it, and squash anyone in their way because they’re loyal to the point of self-destruction.

Cheney voting to impeach Trump is within her right as a representative of the people of the United States. So is her repeatedly calling out Trump’s ridiculous claims that there was election fraud during the 2021 Presidential election. But that doesn’t matter to House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, who used to support Cheney but turned his back on her as soon as she showed even the slightest allegiance to reality.

McCarthy went and told Fox News, according to CNN, that “Any member can take whatever position they believe in.” He continued on that the leaders of the Republican party are meant to unite their members against Democrats and their “social agenda for the country.” Basically, what McCarthy is saying is that he supports an American’s right to their freedom as long as it’s in direct opposition of the Democrats.

And it’s attitudes like this that will continue to widen the divide between Democrats and Republicans. Because it shouldn’t be about trying to defeat the other in honor of a former President who knows nothing about leadership or democracy besides how to stir the pot. It should be about us uniting against someone who said they loved the terrorists who stormed the Capitol Building back in January 2021.

That’s what it should all be about.

But all the Republicans want to do is kiss Trump’s boots while canceling others and ignoring their own hypocrisy. And like Liz Cheney, I’m not having it. And the internet agrees.

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