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Receipt Racer [Video]

Yesterday we had urinal gaming, and now we have Receipt Racer, a game you play on a receipt printer. It’s a pretty straightforward game: the printer spews out a tunnel-like path for your “car,” represented by a glowing white dot projected on the paper, to follow. If you colide with an obstacle or the sides of the path, you die and the game ends.

It’s a very basic game, but Receipt Racer is all about concept. The game’s creators wanted to create an interactive experience on a static medium, and seem to have accomplished that quite well. Amazingly, the whole game was conceived and built during a one-day workshop event. Of course, because the game relies on rolls of paper, it’s not exactly the most eco-conscious of games. The game’s creators quip that this adds an element of realism:

So ecologically it’s pretty much a disaster, just like any real car.

(Receipt Racer via Neatorama)

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