$25 Raspberry Pi Computer Runs Quake 3 Better Than You'd Expect

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Quake 3 Arena is something of a classic. As such, it has been ported to a number of consoles, iOS (unofficially), and a version of it is even available to play in a browser online. Well, now you can add another device to the list, the $25 Raspberry Pi computer. That’s right, the low-cost, high-portability computer that aims to bring affordable computing to everyone for the purposes of education and communication also plays a mean Quake 3.

It’s worth clarifying that this $25 PC does not hobble along, letting you play Q3 at a crippled 3 frames per second or anything. The Raspberry Pi can handle Q3 at 1080p and 4x anti-aliasing while still churning out a respectable 10-30 fps. That may not sound like much, but most Q3 players will tell you that you don’t want that anti-aliasing weighing down your frame-rate anyways, and with more modest settings, the Pi can run Q3 at very playable speeds. For a tiny computer intended mainly for Internet and text-processing, that’s not bad at all.

Read on after the break for a video of the Rasberry Pi in action.

(via Geek.com)

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