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Ranking the Women of Mortal Kombat 11 by How Badass Their Fatalities Are

There has been a lot of conversation about the women of Mortal Kombat and whether they are “as hot as they used to be,” and as far as I’m concerned, Mortal Kombat 11 has some of the best character and costume designs of the bunch. The women look good— dare I say, hot—because their outfits actually reflect their personalities and aren’t just soft-core porn. Still, the most important part of any Mortal Kombat game is the fatalities, so allow me to rank the “hottest” fatalities from the female playable characters in the game.

Not all fatalities have their own official videos, but the video above has them all for your viewing pleasure.

10. Cassie Cage:

Cassie Cage has been one of my favorites since her introduction in the last game. I love her design, and I think the voice work is even better this time around. I love her spunk and intros, but her two fatalities in the game are pretty disappointing. Kicking a dude in the junk so hard his spine pops out is … Kano levels. I’ll admit her main one is good because of her doing the heart sign at the end, but for a Blade-Cage, we expect more.

9. Sonya Blade:

While watching people getting shredded by a helicopter is just plain fun, Sonya’s fatalities are also not as impressive as they could be. Considering she is the first lady of Mortal Kombat, it’s disappointing that hers don’t stand out as much in comparison to the other ladies.

8. Jacqui Briggs:

First of all, Jacqui’s character design is so so so much better than it was before. I love everything about it, and I’m also loving how, despite her being Jax’s daughter, their powers are so different. Her fatality is a definite improvement over her old ones—starting off slow, but had such a solid finish. The image of half his body sliding off is definitely dope, especially with the heart still beating.

7. D’Vorah:

Ah D’Vorah, vomiting insects into your mouth and then having them eat your enemy as you create more bugs. Iconic.

6. Skarlet:

Returning from reboot game, Skarlet is a blood-bender of the highest order, and since her unveiling, in the gameplay trailer, I’ve loved her fatality and playing as her at home. Using your enemy’s blood to kill them will never not be sexy.

5. Jade:

Not only is Jade back, but spinning the body of her victim around her staff is such a power move. Also, Jade looks so damn good. Her costumes are amazing, a solid 10 out of 10 for me in terms of character design. Haters can suck on her staff.

4. Frost:

Frost is a DLC and protégé of Sub-Zero. She has taken the cold powers and put her own spin on them that makes her stand out. Her fatality is that she freezes your body, takes your brain, and implants it into a robot she then controls. We do support a woman in STEAM.

3. Cetrion:

A newcomer to the game and daughter of Kronika, but Cetrion brought it with her Avatar: The Last Airbender-like ability to use all the elements to destroy her enemies and breathe fire upon them from god levels. Poison Ivy is definitely jealous of this look.

2. Kronika:

The first female Big Bad in the Mortal Kombat series, Kronika did not come to play around. As the keeper of time, she can just keep killing you over and over again until she gets sick of it—a true power move, and there is nothing sexier than a woman who reclaims her time.

1. Kitana

Honestly, I think Kitana’s character designs are some of the best in MK 11. Her introduction sequence is A+, but I think her main fatality is just really good and takes advantage of her blade fans probably the best out of any game in recent memory.

The above video doesn’t have her best fatality (go to the top video for that), but it’s still good: using air-bending to take all the blood out of her enemies after cutting them open. From one princess to another, that’s gangster af. She may not be turning back time to re-kill you, or turning into a god, but damn it, Kitana is owning her princess-swag as she kills you, and that is sexy.

I do miss Mileena.

Mileena revealing her face in Mortal Kombat X

(image: screengrab/NetherRealm)

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