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Assassins, Heavies, and Bubblegums: The Best Cosplay From Ramencon 2014

Plus requisite Homestucks.

As a follow-up to making us cry about fictional animals, Sara Goodwin (dammit, Sara) took some cosplay pics for us at last weekend’s Ramencon 2014, which she says was “every bit as weirdly friendly and wonderful as it was last year.” There are substantially fewer tears to be had this time around, though looking at anything Prince Zuko-related does make me emotional. Avatar fans, you know how it is.

Sadly, the staff of The Mary Sue is for the most part tethered in New York and thus cannot attend all the cons ourselves. We’ll get that teleportation device working soon, but until then, if you’re at a con and see some cosplay that deserves our attention, toss a pic our way at [email protected].

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