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Dad and Son Build Backyard Roller Coaster Like It Ain’t No Thang

A treehouse? Pfffffft.


Will Pemble is one rad dad. How rad? Here’s a GoPro POV video of a test ride in the roller coaster he and his son Lyle built in their backyard. No big deal.

Pemble’s impressive website CoasterDad chronicles the ride’s creation (not his passion for things to rest beverages on). He’s also crafting a roller coaster for his friend’s son, so maybe if you ask nicely, he can build you a little something, too. I have an Ikea bed frame I need help assembling.

City dads, I’m sorry you won’t have an opportunity to one-up this. Maybe you can find a way to make the subway more fun?

(via Uproxx, images via Backyard Roller Coaster Steel Cart Update)

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