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Things We Saw Today: Rachel McAdams Will Not Return for Doctor Strange 2

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Comic book film fans were excited to hear that Spider-Man and Evil Dead auteur Sam Raimi was in talks to direct the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But there was another bit of Doctor Strange news snuck into the announcement: Rachel McAdams would not be reprising her role as Dr. Christine Palmer in the sequel.

If you (like me) forgot that McAdams was in Doctor Strange, you’re probably not alone. Dr. Palmer was a lackluster female co-star who didn’t leave much of an impression. As Strange’s ex-girlfriend and confidante, she functioned as his tether to the real world, saving him from serious injury.

McAdams did what she could, but the role was underwritten and failed to make an impression when compared to the astral planes and mirror dimensions of Doctor Strange. She was a bland love interest that had more in common with comic book damsels in distress than more modern supporting female characters (see Black Panther). At the time, there were plans for McAdams to develop into Night Nurse, but those plans have since been abandoned.

I do think that McAdams could play a great superheroine (she was shortlisted to play Sue Storm in Fantastic Four but lost to Jessica Alba), but the film failed to make her character compelling.

At least we’ll always have her supervillain turn as Regina George.

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