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Can We Please Talk About Quiksilver in That Hardee’s Biscuit Commercial?

Just one big pile of X-crement.


The fast food breakfast wars have claimed another casualty: Evan Peters’ dignity. Days of Future Past has gone full Evian-baby with Quiksilver’s appearance in this totally gross/baffling ad for biscuits.

Obviously corporate partnerships are an established part of making big budget movies. But did the commercial for this corporate partnership have to be so incredibly un-cool? The close up sounds of wet chewing! The glistening bacon falling! The horrible orange juice slurping!

It’s not enough that poor Evan Peters’ costume makes him looks like a reanimated mop, but now he’s forever going to be associated with that over-exaggerated squelching sound effect when he chews. And what about the noise the biscuit makes when it plops on the ground?  Seriously, dude, the Hardee’s sound editor owes you big time.

Quiksilver’s biscuit-shilling is almost more disgusting than the Hardees’ Mystique ad, although her commercial was more notable for its weird gender implications, i.e. an X-Tra Bacon Thickburger is too much meat for a l’il mutant lady to handle. Also lots of gross chewing sound effects in that spot too, though.

 Hopefully the time travel element of Days of Future Past will allow the X-Men to go back and find a corporate sponsor less obsessed with the sounds of chewing.

(via io9,image via Hardees)

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