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Homemade Qu8k Rocket Soars 121,000 Feet Above Earth [Video]

A little over a week ago, the Qu8k (pronounced “quake” not “quack,” as I had assumed) team successfully launched their 14-foot tall rocket 121,000 feet above the Earth. On its speedy path to the edge of space, the homemade rocket captured some astounding footage from a dizzying height. It’s pretty amazing stuff, and a real testament to the effort that the rocket’s builders put into their work.

The team was angling to win the Carmack rocketry prize, which awards $10,000 to the first rocket to fly above 100,000 feet. I’d say they nabbed it. For a much, much longer version of the video, read on below.

(Qu8k via Slashdot)

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