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Will Qi’ra Show Up in The Book of Boba Fett?

Emilia Clarke as Qi'ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Qi’ra has been on the minds of Star Wars fans ever since her introduction to the universe back in Solo: A Star Wars Story. After the movie ended with Qi’ra’s connection to Darth Maul, many have been wondering: Could we see Qi’ra in The Book of Boba Fett? And with her history, it isn’t that outlandish of a question.

Frankly, yes, we could. One of the big gets that I know my friends and I have been hoping for is a return of Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo (mainly so we don’t end up with another CGI creation made to look like Harrison Ford). But it would make sense for Qi’ra to show up in some capacity given that we don’t know what happened to her after Solo.

Plus, Qi’ra has a history of working with crime syndicates, and with what is happening to Boba and his rule on Tatooine, Qi’ra being involved in some way would make a lot of sense for her character. She’s one who operates in the same gray area that Boba seems to, so the two running into each other would make sense.

Could Qi’ra work with the Pyke Syndicate?

What we know of the Pyke Syndicate is that they are a crime organization that worked in the underground of their home planet running spice. Another famous spice runner? Han Solo, who got into trouble with Jabba for abandoning a spice run. Pair that with Qi’ra’s history of working with criminal organizations (as she was a lieutenant of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate), and it would all make sense that we could see not only Qi’ra but maybe Han, as well.

There are so many places this character could take us, given her overall connections to the Star Wars universe, and while we know that Darth Maul is dead at this point (because of his meet up with Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Rebels), Qi’ra did have a connection to him prior to his demise on the sands of Tatooine, and his fall led to her takeover and revival of the Crimson Dawn syndicate.

Theories flying around have pointed out that the show’s Pyke syndicate already has a connection to Crimson Dawn (even attending their auction for the carbonite-frozen Han Solo), with the latter’s larger size and power making sense for a “big bad” reveal, and a music cue connection has only thrown more fuel on the speculation fire.

All this to say that there are reasons that Qi’ra could show up. We don’t have any information telling us for sure one way or another, but if anyone from Solo should show up, Qi’ra is pretty high up there. With connections to Tatooine outside of just Luke Skywalker, it would make sense for her, Han, and/or Lando Calrissian all showing up.

The question is just whether or not Boba has a connection to Lando outside of just Darth Vader and, if so, whether Boba would use it to bring Lando to his aid. I do feel as if Qi’ra’s connection to the story would not be on the side of our “heroes,” but rather, on the side of the Pykes.

Until we see The Book of Boba Fett’s finale tomorrow, we can hold out hope that Qi’ra is still part of the world of Star Wars, and until we know for sure, I’m going to hold out hope that the entire crew from Solo could show up—some to help Boba and some to fight with the Pykes. Bring me the drama.

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