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All-New All-Different Pull Wisely: Giant Days #9

Howdily doodily, Pullerinos! We’re back this week with a brand new episode of Pull Wisely, where we spotlight review one of our favorite comic picks of the upcoming week. You can find that review above, a full transcript below, as well as a top five list to whet your surely insatiable comic reading appetite.

Without much further ado, here’s this week’s Pull Wisely pick: Giant Days #9, written by John Allison, with art by Max Sarin, published by BOOM! Studios.


What’s up, Mary Sue?! Jessica Lachenal here with another edition of Pull Wisely! This week we’ll be talking about Giant Days #9, written by John Allison with art by Max Sarin.

This week’s issue is an interesting one–the basic gist is that Ed is now working at the student newspaper in the hopes of using a bit of work to get over his crush on Esther. I mean, who hasn’t used work to distract themselves from real life problems? I haven’t. Yep.

He succeeds–but to a point. As he’s investigating the student union with his editor, Amanda, he finds that he’s falling into yet another crush, except this time with his editor, Amanda.

This one eventually leads to some… uh, behind closed doors action, which leads to some… uhh… premature action on Ed’s part. Fully embarrassed, e leaves in a huff, and now finds himself having to deal with all of his friends knowing about his… “early arrival” problem.

Eventually things work out, and Ed finds himself some closure after resolving his issues with Amanda. Of course, closing things off with her leads to him regaining his crush on Esther, but… maybe now that he’s a little more world-wise, who knows, maybe he stands a better shot.

The art in this issue is, as per usual, fantastic. Very clean lines with incredibly vibrant colors (shouts to Whitney Cogar). Sarin, who took over for Lissa Treiman a few issues back, has really made this book their own. Something that they both share in their art are the incredible expressions on each of the characters. They’re super exaggerated in a really good way, and it brings a great cartoony feel to the often heavy issues that giant days can sometimes deal with.

It’s a fantastic book, and it’s something I would strongly recommend you pick up, especially if you’ve been following the story. It was extended to 12 issues a few issues back, which is incredible. I’m excited to see even more issues come out from them.

That should do it for this week’s edition of Pull Wisely! A usual, you can find my top five recommendations for this week below. Don’t forget to hit us up in the comments so we can talk shop, and on Twitter with #PullWisely!


And… *trumpet blast* my Top Five Picks for this week! Sorry not sorry but this week’s kind of a Marvel heavy week for me. Deal with it.


Gwenpool (Holiday Special) #1, written by Charles Soule, with art by Langdon Foss, published by Marvel Comics. It’s the holiday special that I’ve been waiting for. Truly. I’ve been really enjoying Spider-Gwen, and the Gwen-everything cover variants that went out a while back were everything for me. I’ve got high hopes for this one-shot!

spider-gwen 3

Speaking of Gwen-All-The-Things, next up is Marvel’s Spider-Gwen #3, written by Jason Latour, with art by Robbi Rodriguez. You’ll remember that Spider-Gwen underwent a bit of a re-issue a while back, so the numbering for issues might be a little strange. But that shouldn’t deter you from picking up this issue, which sees Gwen taking on police lieutenant Frank Castle. It’s about to get real.

hawkeye 2

Hawkeye Vol. 2 (Hardcover Edition), written by Matt Fraction, with art by David Aja, Annie Wu, Chris Eliopulos, Javier Pulido, and Francesco Francavilla, plus colors by Matt Hollingsworth. Published by Marvel Comics. Fraction’s run on Hawkeye has been dubbed the quintessential Hawkeye, and this collection of the incredible final issues should prove to you why.

gotham academy 13

Gotham Academy #13, written by Brendan Fletcher, with art by Adam Archer, published by DC Comics. Archer takes over art for Karl Kerschl for this issue, which involves the Robin War crossover storyline that just recently launched over at DC. It’s sure to be a super rad issue, plus just take a look at that cover: Maps is totally made to be a Robin, isn’t she?

we stand on guard 6

We Stand On Guard #6, written by Brian K. Vaughan, with art by Steve Skroce, published by Image Comics. Vaughan has really been killing it with this mini-series, and seeing as how this is its epic conclusion, it’s one that you definitely don’t want to miss. If you haven’t started it yet, here’s your wake-up call to catch up!

Phew. That’s some list of comics. What’re you picking up this week?

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