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INTERVIEW: The Cast of Psych Talks About Returning to Their Characters

Shawn Spencer and Gus Guster in Psych

Being a fan of Psych has been a wonderful journey. Since the show premiered back in 2006, it has followed the friendship of Shawn Spencer and Burton “Gus” Guster. Portrayed by James Roday and Dulé Hill, the pair has been cemented into the grand scheme of pop culture as “friendship goals.”

Getting to talk with James Roday, Dulé Hill, and Maggie Lawson about coming back to Shawn, Gus, and Jules was wonderfully fun and filled with jokes, heartfelt stories about Timothy Omundson, and remembering why we love the show in the first place.

Make sure you “dial in” whenever you watch Psych 2: Lassie Come Home because it does feel just like the series (and first movie) we all came to know and love.

My personal favorite moment, though? Telling Dulé Hill that I had a sticker from Holes on my laptop and then, when our interview was over, he responded with this:

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home is emotional for a lot of reasons, and being a fan of Psych, you probably know why. Timothy Omundson (who brought Detective Lassiter to life) had a stroke, leaving many wondering how he was doing, and that’s, in a lot of ways, the entire point of the film. James Roday talked about having Omundson back and why they wanted to show fans Lassiter again:

The one thing that everybody wanted for this movie and for the fans was just to bring Tim back to give him a platform again for everyone to see that he’s okay. That he’s getting better, that he’s getting stronger, that he’s still got it. So that was, first and foremost, our gift to our fans for being with us for as long as they have. We wanted to give them their Lassie back.

And boy did they. Seeing Omundson back in action is emotional, especially with some moments with Jules, and Maggie Lawson talked about getting to do some of those poignant moments with Omundson and getting to just share their emotions as characters as well as actors: “There was even one take of a scene where Steve said ‘Don’t be Juliet and Lassiter in this one, just be Maggie and Tim.'”

Premiering on July 15th on Peacock, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home is a beautiful reintroduction to our favorite mystery-solving duo, and seeing Shawn and Gus back in action makes me long for more Psych!

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