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Is This the PSP2? [Pics]

Gaming blog VG247 claims to have obtained the world’s first public images of a development prototype of Sony’s long-rumored, not-yet-officially announced PSP2, the successor to its handheld PSP console, which launched in North America more than five years ago.VG247 says that this isn’t the PSP2’s “final form factor.”

Picture of the back below:

A few thoughts: 1) Oh snap if these are real, though we’re cautious at present.

2) LOL at Joystiq’s quip that this looks like it was “with a Barbie Video Girl-quality camera.”

3) The twin analog sticks on the outside seem smart; the analog nub placement on the PSP is not ideal.

4) The PSPGo-looking slideyness of the design does not thrill us; pretty as it can be aesthetically, it is not convenient for gaming. However, “a source” tells VG247 that the newer kit “is a single, non-sliding block,” which of course raises the question of how much other change we can expect to see between this and the ultimate PSP2.

(VG247 via Joystiq)

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