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What draws you into a story? Is it the idea that you may know where it’s going? Or is it the thrill of a potential voyage into the unknown? J.J. Abrams has termed the latter phenomenon “The Mystery Box,” when we are pulled into a story that has several unexplained elements and are left desiring answers, drawn into it like a moth to flame.

In the first issue of Legend, written by Samuel Sattin with art by Chris Koehler, you are quickly sucked into a mysterious premise packed full of Easter eggs. In what can only be described as a post apocalyptic world, we ask what happened? Where has everyone gone? And why have dogs (and cats) been left in charge? Right off the bat there are so many strong clues left unanswered that we can’t help but read on to see what happens next!

This 22 page comic builds beautifully on itself, not only by depicting the dynamics of this particular tribe of dogs or the impending danger of a creature called the “Endark” but in the way it is illustrated, moving your eyes to experience these events through image. The artwork is created by the amazingly talented Chris Koehler who begins by taking you through a Wizard of Oz-like experience, starting off in black and white and slowly introducing color. This effect allows you to truly feel the animal’s journey, engaging and heightening your senses.

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Thus balance of story, illustration, and character, while indicating there will be more, leads you on a suspenseful journey that sometimes scares you but can’t escape your attention.

Publisher: Z2 Comics

Writer: Sam Sattin

Artist: Chris Koehler

Release Date: May 4, 2016

Diamond Order Code: MAR161911

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