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Presenting: The Winners of our Magic: The Gathering: Scars of Mirrodin Contest

Before we get down to the winning 10 word sentences and poems, we have a just couple of comments on our first contest:

We didn’t realize so many people would take up our challenge and then further complicate things by submitting haikus or rhymes.  It was very impressive, and we got so many great entries that we couldn’t narrow it to just one.  So three runners-up will be receiving three Scars of Mirrodin booster packs each!

And now, the winners:


Josh Linder submitted:

Ball Lightning, Ball Lightning, Ball Lightning, Lightning Bolt!  Good game!

James Rate sent us:

There is nothing more satisfying than killing someone with squirrels.

Nick Au wrote us a poem:

Countless duels
Tales foretold
Elves versus Goblins
Never got old

For their efforts, all three will be getting some booster packs in the mail. And now…

The Winner

Reserved, unsociable intellectuals are awesome; Magic helps me befriend them.

Jesse Strickland‘s emphasis on the awesomeness of getting to know other geeks (despite our unsociable traits) appealed to the Redditors in us, and reminded us of all the times we’ve sat down to play a game and gotten a friend in the bargain.  More than we could have hoped for in an entry!

Congratulations, winners!  Your cards will be in the mail on Friday!

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