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RickRolling: Present, Past, and Future?

Just when you thought it was safe to exist in a world with Rick Astley, PrankDial comes along with an irritating yet entertaining new service. The prank call site will call a friend (or, more likely, enemy) for you, showing a number of your choice in the caller ID, but play a recording of the eminent Astley.

The kicker? They’ll record the conversation for your listening and blackmail pleasure.Though really, if your friend says anything incriminating in response to Rick Astley (for instance, “Hey, this is pretty good.”) they might need some psychological help.

You can also listen to other people’s Rick Roll calls, though they’re pretty obnoxious.

This is the present of the Rick Roll, but what of the past? The good folks at Urlesque have provided us with a handy infographic, which originally appeared at the always-reliable Smaller, slightly more eye-straining view below.

As for the future, that is up to you to make. But I really hope it involves holograms.

(Via Urlesque)

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