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Watch This 12-Year-Old Comic Artist See His Anti-Bullying Superhero Come to Life

One of my least favorite genres of internet videos is the “prank video,” mainly because it’s dominated by jerks who get an audience for harassing and bothering innocent bystanders. I hate the idea that being mean and tormenting someone is meant to be “funny.” However, I absolutely love the idea of Prank It FWD, a “pranks for good” series that includes Michelle Obama surprising a veteran and a Star Wars roller derby for charity.

In a good prank, no one gets hurt or upset. In a great prank, you bring people joy and inspire others.

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For their latest video, Prank it FWD teamed up with Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes to give 12-year-old Joshua, a comic fan and artist, a fully customized superhero suit based on his own character Super Fight Guy. Not only is it amazing that Joshua is creating superheroes as a young creative (he’s been drawing since kindergarten), we find out that he created Super Fight Guy to combat bullying at his school.

The description reads:

“Watch as the team at the AWEme (known for the series Man at Arms, Super Fan Builds, and DIY Prop Shop) take over Joshua’s local comic book shop to stage a special cosplay exhibit where the main attraction is a fully functioning SUPER FIGHT GUY costume, inspired by Joshua’s inspiring story and creative vision. The group then provide Joshua with VIP-badges to attend San Diego Comic-Con, and debut his new hero to the world, in style.”

Joshua’s incredible reaction to seeing Super Fight Guy come to life is incredibly heartening, and it’s great to see a phenomenal aspiring artist so encouraged to continue his art. “It’s just like the book!” he exclaims, “I don’t know what to say.”

“It was just amazing that people actually cared about what I was doing, ” says the young artist. The video ends with Joshua wearing his costume to San Diego Comic Con, where it looks like he had a blast. He hopes that Super Fight Guy encourages other people to stand up for what they believe in, and to not give up on their hopes and dreams.

You can check out Super Fight Guy here.

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