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‘Popcorn, Blankets, and Alcohol’: Republican Accuses Dems of Enjoying the Chaos Too Much

Kat Cammack looking smug for no reason

Why take accountability for your own nonsense when you can blame everyone else, right? That’s at least the Republican way. For the sixth time over two days, Representative Kevin McCarthy has lost the vote for Speaker of the House. You would think lawmakers should probably be on the same page if they’re on the same side of the political aisle, or at least have enough brain cells to realize that choosing a Speaker should not take days on end because you’re all catty.

Well, as the Republicans began the process of voting for Speaker for a sixth time after five consecutive failed attempts, Rep. Kat Cammack decided she was going to try her hand at comedy. The problem is that she’s not funny. Cammack was making the official nomination for McCarthy in the sixth round of voting after five failures to get the required 218 votes and she somehow decided that those failures were the fault of the Dems.

Cammack got up to the microphone for her stand-up set and said that the Democrats wanted the Republicans divided which is why they had “popcorn, blankets, and alcohol” over on their side. It was met with boos. If only someone had a tomato.

The booing probably happened for a number of reasons. Mainly the gut reaction of people being blamed for something that is literally not their fault. But isn’t that the Republican way? Just blame other people for your actions? Because the Democrats did their part (consistently and unanimously voting for Hakeem Jeffries each time) and are done yet they have to sit there while the Republicans continue to just drag this out. And then they’re getting blamed for it?

Another thing is that they clearly do not have alcohol. Because, as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, they’d all be unconscious by now.

Which did give us a cute history lesson, though!

Blaming someone else for your problems …

The thing is that this is so petty? I don’t get this behavior! How is this anyone else’s fault other than those who refuse to budge on their pick and come to a compromise? It’s childish. And then to push blame onto the other party who did their jobs and are ready to move on? It just shows how the Republican party is in it for their own self-interest and refuses to work together.

Cammack made a face that clearly showed she was mocking the Dems for no reason and it just was in bad faith all around. Anyway, please I hope we can hurry up and get this vote done because I cannot handle more of this. Losing a vote six times is just pathetic at this point.

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