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Charlie Cale Is Coming Back! Rian Johnson’s ‘Poker Face’ Gets a Season 2′

Natasha Lyonne with her hands in her pockets in Poker Face

Peacock’s Poker Face is my favorite new show. That’s not surprising given how much I love a Rian Johnson mystery, but the series as a whole has continued to show fans that the key to a good detective series is putting someone at the center of it that fans are going to flock to—like Natasha Lyonne. With Lyonne’s Charlie Cale, a human bullshit detector, the show is a “how-catch-em” and gives us a look into exactly how Charlie figures out who murdered someone and why.

With a successful first season thus far, the question of whether or not there’d be a season 2 was something that was weighing on me, and luckily, Peacock announced that season 2 is coming our way! Thank god, I can keep screaming about how much I love Lyonne’s Columbo take on the modern world, and Peacock and NBC both seem excited to keep the Poker Face train moving.

Poker Face is one of those rare, undeniable shows that we all fell in love with from the start, but the critical acclaim and viewer response has been beyond our wildest dreams,” said Susan Rovner, Chairman, Entertainment Content, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “Working alongside the creative genius of Rian Johnson, Natasha Lyonne and Ram Bergman, along with our partners at MRC and T-Street, has been a spectacular ride, and we can’t wait to hit the road for another season as we continue to build momentum across Peacock’s originals slate.” 

What’s the release window for Poker Face season 2?

Right now, Poker Face is still in the midst of season 1, so we have a wait ahead of us. This excitement for season 2, though, comes from knowing that we’re going to have more of Lyonne’s Charlie Cale to look forward to. Season 1 has been such a delight that it’s okay if we have to wait a while for the second season. As long as there are more guest stars to paint Charlie’s world!

Who will be in the Poker Face season 2 cast?

The show itself works because of Natasha Lyonne at the heart of it and its slew of guest stars. All we know right now is that Lyonne is back as Charlie Cale, and that is, honestly, enough to have me excited for the series. Knowing that her Columbo-esque energy will lead the series is fun!

Will the Poker Face season 2 plot just be more murders for Charlie to solve?

The plot of the series is Charlie Cale on the run from her former boss, but we don’t know where that’s going to lead us at the end of the season. It could continue to be part of her story in season 2, or it could wrap up in the next few episodes. We don’t know. So what we can assume about the plot is that it is more of Charlie going around the U.S. and solving the murders that seem to follow her.

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