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I’ve Always Wanted to Sit Atop a Snorlax or a Ditto and Now My Dreams Have Come True

Gotta catch 'em all (or at least these two)

Yogibo Bean Bag

Today, lounge furniture manufacturer Yogibo announced a collaboration with Pokémon to start creating bean bag chairs, further adding to my geek home decor agenda.

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Yogibo, no stranger to recreating pop culture classics for our furniture needs (hello Star Wars collection), is definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to creating something with Pokémon. I expected to see Pikachu or any of the starters we’re accustomed to when places start producing Pokémon stuff. While I am absolutely here for the possibility of Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle bean bag chairs (or Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio if we’re talking newer starters, OH, or Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup because of Diamond and Pearl remakes), I must respond to the company’s decision to start out with Snorlax and Ditto with gently beating heart eyes.

Snorlax Ditto

The Snorlax and Ditto designs are a full-sized Yogibo bean bag pillow featuring the Pokémon’s iconic looks, making them perfect to cozy up with (or take a nap in true Snorlax form). Designed with Yogibo’s signature fabric, each Pokémon Center x Yogibo bean bag is extremely durable, machine washable, automatically conforms to the user’s body shape and type without solidity and has no pressure points (just like Ditto itself).

I think that Snorlax and Ditto are perfect candidates for chairhood. Snorlax has always been a large, huggable friend, and continues to have the right idea of napping all day, every day. When I think about having comfortable Pokémon furniture I can sit in, Snorlax is the first who comes to mind.

Snorlax chair

Meanwhile, Ditto is just… Ditto, though I’m 99.9% certain that this particular Ditto will not copy your appearance or the appearance of the furniture around it.

Ditto bean bag chair

“We’re enormous longtime fans of Pokémon, making it such an honor for us at Yogibo to collaborate with Pokemon Center,” says Eyal Levy, CEO of Yogibo. “We are so excited to integrate
Yogibo’s unique, patented comfort with amazing Pokémon designs. We can’t imagine a better way to start than with two iconic Pokémon and are looking forward to expanding the partnership with additional Pokémon in the future.”

Expanding, you say? Does that mean my starter wishlist may come true after all? Or a Jigglypuff? Or a… anything, really, the sky’s the limit when talking about Pokémon.

The chairs will be released on September 1st over at the Pokémon Center at $199 apiece. While the Pokémon Center has had its fair share of large plush that definitely takes up bed space, I’m excited at the idea of having actual Pokémon furniture made to be used as bean bag chairs.

Which Pokémon would you like to see turned into a squishable, lovable chair?


(Image: Pokémon/Yogibo, Pokémon template by CaptainRako)

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