Amazing Toy Series Lets Kids Customize Their Own Adorable Robot

Je suis la jeune robot!
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You know what’s better than playing with robots? Getting to build your own robots and then draw awesome faces and clothing on them using only your imagination. That’s the dream Ultra Ordinaire wants to make into a reality with their line of Play Communs toys, which they unveiled at this year’s European MakerFaire.

Armed with only a handful of electric components, kids who use the Play Communs can create their own cardboard models to use on the robot’s plexiglass frame. Each little guy is able to turn his head, arms, or body if he (or she!) is programmed to, and can blink his LED lights as well (Because really, what good is having lights if you’re not gonna blink ’em?) The actual technology within the bots consists of a servo motor, an small electronic transformer, and a programmable electronic board based on the ATTiny 85 micro-controller.

Want to see them in action? Of course you do:

Ultra Ordinaire, a company based in Tolouse, France, said in their recent press release that with these toys, they seek to “define a story where each item is transformed into the protagonist of the play and contemporary drama, and looks towards a possible future. The idea is to redevelop a society based on the community and the sharing of social customs and practises.” Yeah, if there was any doubt that this company is French, that statement should definitely have killed it. How wonderfully existential of them.

Play Communs is available in Europe for 45 or 48€ depending on whether you want a kit that requires soldering or not. It doesn’t seem as though there’s any plans yet to bring the toys across the pond to North America, but we’re holding out hope that they do so soon. Seriously. We all want desk robots here.

(via Ultra Ordinaire)

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