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More Good News: Planet Earth 2 is Coming Soon

Check out the first trailer from the BBC!

It’s a good day to be a Planet Earth fan! You might have forgotten (like me) that there’s been a planned sequel in the works to the amazing documentary series–narrated to memorable effect by Sir David Attenborough–since 2013.

Now, 10 years out from the first series, the BBC is kicking things up a notch with the technology and techniques they’re using to bring us that much closer to the natural world for the upcoming Planet Earth II.

In 2006, the first Planet Earth series aired to memorable and popular acclaim. Filmed over the span of five years, it became the most expensive nature show ever made at the time. While Attenborough narrated the doc for the BBC, actress Sigourney Weaver later took over those duties when the series made the jump across the pond to American television. (However, if you’re still like me, you always preferred Attenborough’s commentary over any other version.)

Attenborough will be resuming his narration duties for Planet Earth II, and scoring the new series will be none other than composer Hans Zimmer. The extended trailer released by BBC Earth above teases glimpses of what’s to come, including some amazing footage of a lemur leaping through trees and an elephant pride roaming together. It doesn’t just feel like you’re with these animals–you are with these animals.

No release date is confirmed, but at least we know it’s out there–according to the BBC, Planet Earth II is “coming soon!”

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