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Planes Trailer Delivers Startling New Developments in Study of Origins of Cars Universe

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance


The Cars 3: The Search for More Money Planes trailer was just delivered from Disney on high, and this seems as good a time as any to indulge in my least productive pastime: trying to reverse engineer the origins of the Cars universe based on the evidence presented. I remember the first time I explained to a bunch of shocked peers that there were no human beings in Cars, and then spent twenty minutes trying to figure out why a setting with sentient vehicles seemed weirder with no humans than with humans, as in, say, Thomas the Tank Engine.

The Planes trailer reveals new evidence that may rock the world of amateur Cars archeology, while simultaneously supporting the “Darkest Wall-e Timeline” theory which states that the Cars universe is what happened when the robots of Wall-E attempted to recreate the civilization of their masters in tribute to them, after they couldn’t survive the process of re-settling Earth. The Planes trailer reveals that the universe of Cars knows about Old Yeller.

Now I’m just waiting for somebody to connect this to the Tommy Westphall Universe.

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