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Pizza to the Polls Will Help You Get Through Long Polling Lines With Delicious, Delicious Pizza


Thanks to Pizza to the Polls, voters at polling places with incredibly long wait times can have pizzas delivered to them to help stave off hunger. The website popped up in response to reports that people have been waiting in lines up to a half mile long, often for hours at a time, in order to vote today. Many of those folks, perhaps unprepared for such a long wait, were undoubtedly hungry, and perhaps the quickest, easiest way to deal with that is to order a hecking pizza. Thus, Pizza to the Polls was born.

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If you live in one of the more… contentious election states, you’ve more than likely experienced how complicated and difficult the process of voting may have been for you. That goes doubly so if your local polling place just so happens to be in a neighborhood that mostly serves a more diverse population.

While all employers are legally required to offer time off to allow their employees to vote, many still end up going on their lunch break or between tasks. Finding a somewhat interminable wait time, the choice then becomes starve (hell no) or come back later to finish, but risk even longer lines. Pizza to the Polls addresses the former, keeping those who want to stay fed.

It works like this: if you’re stuck in one of those long lines and want to reach out to the site for some pizza, you submit some basic info and proof on the Pizza to the Polls website. You can keep track of what’s going on via their Twitter as well. The fine folks behind the program will order pizza using your phone number and name, and you just chill and wait ’til it shows up. When it does, enjoy, and feel free to make a few new friends in line.

If you just want to help donate money to the pizza fund, because you voted early, by mail (like me), or absentee, you can do that on the site, too. The site also says that any leftover cash is going straight to helping feed more hungry Americans, so hey, it’s a win-win.

Regardless of how you’re voting, and while I object to Pizza to the Polls’ use of the term “‘za” (sorry ’bout it), pizza is delicious. We can all agree on that. Oh, and that pizza isn’t made to be eaten with a knife and fork (if you can help it), so don’t you dare ask. You know who you are.

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