Rumor: Pictures of the iPhone 4G? (Update2: Maybe Real After All)

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Engadget has some “photos which made their way into [their] hands” that look a whole lot like an iPhone that no one’s ever seen before.  It could, quite possibly, be a prototype or production model for the patiently anticipated iPhone 4G or iPhone HD.

They say the phone was found on the floor of a San Jose bar inside an iPhone 3G case.  So, uh, that’s not sketchy at all.  If it turns out to be an unannounced next generation iPhone, I hope the story of how it got there is suitably epic.

Anyway, specs on this mysterious device after the jump.

Engadget reports that it has a front facing camera, 80 gigs of storage, and a new OS, although the little phone is not currently booting up for its new owner.  The phone in Engadget’s pictures is also very similar to one tweeted about in February by TUDream, lending some legitimacy to the claim that is is a next generation iPhone.

More pictures of Engadget’s putative iPhone 4G/HD here.

UPDATE: is reporting that these are photos of a Japanese iPhone knockoff.  Too bad.  We were already working on that buddy comedy about how a prototype iPhone got left on a San Jose bar floor.

UPDATE2: Engadget seems pretty confident that this is the real deal — and that they’ve actually had a picture of it sitting around for months, on the fringes of their leaked photo of the iPad, back when such things were exciting. Read their explanation here.

(via Techmeme.)

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