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The People vs. George Lucas Debuts at SXSW

This past Saturday, The People vs. George Lucas debuted at South by Southwest Film, ladling out a healthy dose of righteous Star Wars nerdrage upon one of the farthest-fallen figures in the geek pantheon.

The documentary, directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, has as its focal point the franchise-slaughter Lucas committed when he rolled out The Phantom Menace in 1999, smothering the franchise goodwill of thousands of fans with visions of Jar-Jar Binks.

We haven’t seen the whole thing, but based on the trailer, The People vs. George Lucas looks like a pretty strange affair: cartoons, people in costumes, and serious-talk thrown in a blender. In their review of the movie, Heat Vision criticizes the film as “messy:” “There’s no clear hook for the film, merely an idea that’s instantly grokked by geeks and usually ignored by others.” They also recommend the excellent, jaw-dropping 70-minute YouTube takedown of Phantom Menace.

Judge for yourself with the HD trailers after the jump:
Teaser trailer part 1:

Teaser trailer part 2:

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