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For a Brief Moment, People Thought Queen Elizabeth II Was Dead Because of WhatsApp and Some Fellow Named Gibbo

Queen Elizabeth II trump brooch trolling

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, also known as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is not dead, despite some weird rumors to the contrary that popped up due to a very strange Whatsapp group message.

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Her Majesty's Secret Service

Online, rumors that something had befallen the 93-year-old monarch took off on social media because of a screenshot of a Whatsapp group message last night—a group chat with a featured image of a penis and including the names Burnsy, Cheeks, Josh, and Morty. And yet despite that it’s clearly not an “official” palace Whatsapp chat (unless it’s Andrew’s), the Editor-in-Chief of Royal Central still had to confirm it was all bollocks.

Of course, the internet had already decided to turn the news into a celebration of life in the best way possible: memes.

Wow Gibbo, you have really let us all down. It’s always interesting when these rumors start, because the British Royal Family is a polarizing presence in the world for multiple obvious reasons. I do know that, regardless of all that, her death will be the end of an era. She’s been queen longer than either of my grandparents have lived.

On the dark side of all this, it feels like just another distraction from the reality that Prince Andrew is someone with ties to an accused pedophile, and his interviews have only served to make him seem more guilty. Also, in case you were wondering what the actual protocol will be when the Queen does eventually die, we do know some information about that, and it doesn’t involve anyone named Cheeks.


(via Metro, image: WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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