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New PBS Digital Studios Show FoodBuzz Looks at Sriracha

This video may have inspired me to take a lunch break.

PBS Digital Studios has added a new webseries to its already impressive roster of great shows like Idea ChannelOff Book, and Game/Show. The new addition is FoodBuzz hosted by Chris Hauselt, and they’re starting strong with an episode about sriracha.

This video is the most thorough look at siracha that we’ve seen. In the past we’ve shared other videos about the sauce and covered the ongoing story about Irwindale v. Sriracha battle, which could lead to shortages and price spikes. But FoodBuzz takes a look at the big picture, explaining the scientific impact the sauce has on your mouth and brain, and the cultural one its had over the last few years.

It’s a fascinating look at the sauce, and a strong start for the series. We’re already looking forward to more.

(via PBS FoodBuzz)

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