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Patrice Wilson, Rebecca Black’s Producer on “Friday,” Makes Direct Sequel to “Friday”


When Rebecca Black hit the scene with her single “Friday,” you probably remember the Internet, as well as yourself, flipping out at the ridiculousness of the song. Though she came under a decent amount of flack and the song rose to meteoric popularity because of how bad it is, her (currently former) producer, Patrice Wilson, took an equal amount, if not more, flack than the singer herself. You may remember Wilson as the guy in “Friday” who rapped in the car. Now, he’s made a direct sequel to Black’s “Friday.” It is called “H.A.P.P.Y.,” and it is about Saturday morning.

Though the song doesn’t actually start until midway through the video, Wilson handles the whole thing — the song, as well as the criticism aimed toward him from the Rebecca Black single — with levity. Of course, the song isn’t particularly good and is extremely bland like his previous Rebecca Black outing, but hey, he’s taking it all in stride and making the best of things. He’s h-a-p-p-y, after all.

If you like the song, or just want the song for other reasons, head on over to iTunes.

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