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Artist Hellbent on ‘Ruining’ Popular Songs Accidentally Makes a Bop From Miley Cyrus Remix

Miley Cyrus sings into a microphone in the Part in the U.S.A. video.

TikToker and musician Dustin Ballard has gone viral after sharing videos of remixed pop songs that really do not need to be remixed, at least int he way he does them, under the name “There I Ruined It.” His latest victim? Miley Cyrus and her 2009 chart-topper “Party in the U.S.A.”


Replying to @jennixfx.x @mileycyrus

♬ original sound – There I Ruined It

Beautifully named “Party in the USSR,” the song combines Miley’s vocals with a march-sounding backing track, and we should hate it, but honestly, we don’t. The video has gained nearly 200 thousand likes and has been seen by over a million people. It turns out we’re not the only ones who thoroughly enjoyed this awful mix. Many took to the comments to celebrate Ballard’s work.

One person commented, “This should be enough to get the ussr back together lets be honest,” while another said, “Why does this kinda slap?”

Someone commented, “The question is, why?” to which Ballard responded simply, “For the people.”

On his website for There I Ruined It, Ballard explains that he started the project during the pandemic: “With the simple goal of ruining as many beloved songs as possible before it’s banned from the Internet, There I Ruined It has left a wake of confusion and disgust among those with musical taste, inexplicably earning millions of followers along the way.”

The Miley remix isn’t the only masterpiece he’s created, though. He’s made videos using Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, and even George Michael mixed with Cbat. He’s also taken all of Michael Jackson’s “non-words” from “Smooth Criminal” and made it into some sort of weird soundscape. Literally no one is safe.

Some artists have taken notice of their songs being slaughtered, including Ed Sheeran, Lizzo, and Justin Timberlake.


#duet with @thereiruinedit Why is this SO GOOD?

♬ Take on Ed – There I Ruined It

When Ed’s song “Shape of You” was combined with the ’80s classic “Take on Me” by A-ha, he duetted the video and wrote in the caption, “Why is this SO GOOD?” while adding ad-libs in the video. We’re glad to see artists have a sense of humor and can have fun with it.

It’s strange yet wonderful, and we can’t wait to see what’s ruined next!

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