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Paper Planes Dropped to Earth From Space [Video]

Part of a Samsung advertising campaign, the team launched a bunch of paper planes into space with the help of a helium-filled balloon, then unleashed the planes about 36,500 meters above Berlin, Germany. There is a discrepancy regarding exactly how many paper planes the team launched, as the campaign’s website says 100, but the YouTube video’s description and the video itself say 200.

The whole point of the stunt is to show how tough Samsung SD memory cards are, which each paper plane will carry as it descends from space. Of course, the stunt wouldn’t be complete without storing data on the cards to show that even the (slight) reach of space doesn’t corrupt the data, so Samsung included messages people uploaded to their website onto the cards, which random people who happen to find the paper planes after they land will be able to listen to, and seeing as how these are messages from the Internet, probably get trolled. From space.

(via New Scientist)

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