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Chrome Extension Panic Button Hides, Restores All Your Sketchy Browser Tabs

If you work in front of a computer, chances are you’re going to have some browser tabs opened that aren’t related to work. If given the choice, you probably wouldn’t want your boss to walk by and see those multiple reddit and 4chan tabs open. Thanks to a Chrome extension, dubbed Panic Button, hiding your personal browser tabs but keeping them safe is just one click away.

Panic Button, which is amusingly placed in the “Productivity” section of the Chrome Web Store, is more than just a button that hides the majority of your tabs, but is customizable such that you can have the tabs either replaced with a blank page, or a URL that you’ve previously set. On top of that, it restores all of your tabs once the coast is clear and your boss is back in his or her office looking at websites that aren’t related to work.

The secret tabs are kept in a temporary bookmarks folder, and once the button is pressed, the Panic Button icon turns green and lists the number of tabs that are stored away. Simply press the button to restore the tabs. If you don’t wish to restore the tabs, delete the temporary tabs bookmarks folder from the bookmarks bar to hide your shame. In case you’re really ashamed, you can play with Panic Button’s settings and password protect your hidden tabs, and if you’re quicker on the draw using a keyboard shortcut rather than pressing the icon with the mouse, you can simply set a custom shortcut in the settings as well.

You can add Panic Button to Chrome here, or you can simply screw around a little less at work.

(via Make Use Of)

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