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OMG, The New Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Has Kaiju-Jaegers


The new trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising has stomped into our lives in all its colorful, smash-y, rock-’em-sock’-em glory. While the initial trailer felt more focused on John Boyega’s character and amping us up for the general return of Pacific Rim, this trailer shows a lot more of what exactly the new pilots will be up against.

“How’d they [the monsters] get into our world?” asks Boyega’s character, Jake Pentecost (son of Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost from the first film).

“Someone let them in,” says Burn Gorman’s Dr. Hermann Gottlieb, returning from the first film. “Someone from our world.”

Many of the scenes in this trailer will look familiar to fans of the first film. We’ve got kaijus rising out of cracks in the earth. We’ve got kaijus and jaegers punching and crashing their way through cities. We’ve got some inspirational speeches to prevent the apocalypse. You can definitely notice director Steven S. DeKnight’s style here, and I feel like the battles are going to look messier and punchier than in the original.

But there are also some new foes, and they look like … kaiju-jaeger hybrid monsters?

Screengrab of the new trailer for "Pacific Rim Uprising"

Oh Lord, my inner Power Rangers child just processed kaiju-jaeger hybrid monsters. YES.

Screengrab of the new trailer for "Pacific Rim Uprising"

I’ll admit that when I first heard about the sequel, my reaction was more, “Why?” than “Yay!” But I love me some colorful genre nonsense-trash, and all the Pacific Rim Uprising trailers so far have reminded me just how perfectly Pacific Rim hit that sweet spot for me. I’m hoping the sequel will bring me just as much silly robots-and-monsters joy, and I’m pumped to catch up with Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) as a steely, inspiring mentor.

Pacific Rim Uprising lands in theaters on March 23, 2018.

(Via Birth Movies Death; image: screengrab)

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