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ABC’s Once Upon A Time Welcomes Back Someone Unexpected This Weekend



Or maybe you have been expecting this particular return, or at the very least, hoping for it. Spoilers for Sunday’s episode to follow. 


I was recently mulling around the idea of the creators of Once Upon a Time pulling some sort of magic to reverse time but I didn’t quite expect this.

Actor Jamie Dornan, who played Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman on the series, is coming back but not how you’re thinking. The Hollywood Reporter says we’re traveling back to the past in the new episode, a past where Dornan’s character is still alive. The day of the curse, to be exact.

“Storybrooke is pretty much almost identical to how we see it up to this point,” said Dornan. “There’s a few references to the fact that it’s 20 years before [the start of the series]. The [producers] have been quite clever with putting in some music that’s on in the background at Granny’s, that lets the audience know that we’re dealing with a different time. It’s fascinating to see, from the first day of the curse, Regina had total control – especially over Graham.”

The actor said it was almost two years to the day from when they filmed the pilot to when he returned for this episode. “It didn’t feel that weird going back; it felt normal. In a lovely way, you slide back in. I loved it. It’s kind of bizarre to hang that leather jacket up and think that that’s the last time you’ll be wearing that, and then, lo and behold, you’re back in. It’s really sweet. I’m happy to be involved.”

From the sound of things, it doesn’t appear Dornan will get to stick around for long but fans will probably be happy regardless. He mentioned fan love is flattering and is essential to the show. “If I have them on my side, that only can be a good thing,” he said. “I’m not going to take all the credit; Graham’s a well-written and interesting character. The reaction to Graham’s death … I’m pleased that people are so concerned, but [joking] I don’t think we need to be calling the FBI or anything.”

According to Dornan, there’s a few more unexpected arrivals this Sunday but as they may play a large part in the overarching story, we’ll let that unfold when the episode airs.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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