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Once Upon a Time Takes Their Frozen Promos to Cheesy New Heights

"The town of Storybrooke gets frozen... over." *groooooan*

Once Upon a Time, I know you’re not going to include Mulan in your “Look at all the awesome Disney characters we have!” roll call (in the extended trailer, behind the cut) and then barely include her in season four, like you did with season three. I realize that the list isn’t intended to be indicative of the main cast (Ariel’s there, non-classic Disney characters like Emma and Henry aren’t, yada yada), but cut me some slack. I’m still bitter. ABC, I will get down to business to kick your butt.

Also behind the cut: Four Frozen-less new pictures from the season premiere, in which Robin Hood finds himself trapped in the middle of a love triangle between Regina and Maid Marion. Because TV needs more love triangles.

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