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Once Upon a Time Casts Fringe Actress As Frozen‘s Elsa

"BUT WHY DIDN'T THEY CAST—" let it go.

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We have our Anna and Kristoff, and now we know which actress will be putting the freeze on Storybrooke as Elsa from Frozen: Fringe actress Georgina Haig. Sorry, all you people who wanted Natalie Dormer. Your prayer circles were in vain.

Best known for playing Peter and Olivia’s futureverse daughter Etta on Fringe, Haig more currently co-starred in the CBS crime drama Reckless that I’m literally just hearing about for the first time. Elsa first appeared in the season three finale as a bit of scarydarkawfulness released to plague Storybrook with its misunderstood evil—asked whether she would be a baddie or not, the showrunners were understandably noncommittal. Rumor has it that she’ll be in nine episodes of the season, with Anna in six to eight and Kristoff in around six.

There’s still no word on whether Hans will put an in appearance—part of me says three characters is quite enough for a single season, thank you, but another part points out that Once is going to try and milk the Frozen popularity cow as best as it possibly can. What do you think—if they do cast everyone’s favorite psychopathic Prince Charming, who should it be? My brain’s stuck on “one of the dudes from Gossip Girl.” Except not Sebastian Stan, obviously. Eternal Mad Hatter o’ my heart.

(via Variety)

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