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What Role Is Oscorp Playing In The Amazing Spider-Man?


Hmmm, now that’s curious: Shooting began in New York City yesterday for The Amazing Spider-Man and pictures from the set reveal that Oscorp is somehow involved in the story. The building being used is the Hearst Building, and several extras were confirmed to be costumed (with security badges) as Oscorp employees. Bleeding Cool is speculating that Curt Connors is going to be an employee of Oscorp, but will we be seeing a new Norman Osborn as well?

Another possibility is that Oscorp will be providing Curt Connors funding, and that Norman Osborn (who, if he is in this movie, has yet to be cast), could play a small role similar to that of Connors’ appearance in Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man movies. (Like “he’s here canonically, but not involved in the plot.”) But if he is in this movie, that could mean the Green Goblin could be up for a reboot too. (And trying to replace Willem Dafoe is going to be pretty hard. Because he’s Willem Freaking Dafoe.)

Also on the set were some cops (though not Denis Leary‘s character, George Stacy), Army officers, and stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Here are the pics:

(Bleeding Cool, The Daily Blam)

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