Oscar Isaac rocks a beard as Duke Atreides in 'Dune'

I’ve Changed My Mind. Oscar Isaac Can Absolutely Be Indiana Jones.

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I subscribe to the notion that Indiana Jones should fade out with Harrison Ford. I don’t like keeping a franchise alive just because of the name of the character, especially with something so tied to the performer who brought that character to life. Henry Jones Jr. is very much a part of Harrison Ford and his career, and separating the two by having someone else replace him feels wrong.

It is a character that Ford has come back to time and time again and shared his love of the franchise, which is rare for Harrison Ford. When he’s done with a character, he’s normally done, but with Indy, he seems ready to come back at the drop of Indy’s hat or the crack of his whip. So to me, the character is just completely his, and I don’t really see anyone taking over in a way that wouldn’t make me feel slighted.

THAT BEING SAID: This new picture of Oscar Isaac out of the Venice Film Festival made me question myself and my beliefs in a way that had me going “Okay well you know what, maybe I’d be okay with Oscar Isaac making a better version of Temple of Doom someday.”

Indiana Jones is extremely important to me, and having him in my life in any way feels like a gift. For a long while (and I am still this way for the most part), I didn’t want anyone else to touch him other than Harrison Ford. They tried to give us a “son” to carry on the series, but that’s not what makes Indy so great; it’s Harrison Ford’s dry wit and his ability to command a scene just with his presence.

You know who has that same commanding presence that I did not think of to take over the hypothetical series? Oscar Isaac.

The picture out of the Venice Film Festival comes from the premiere for The Card Counter, a new movie where Oscar Isaac and Tiffany Haddish make out (so delightful). But it’s the white suit jacket for me that instantly brought me back to one of the hottest moments in Temple of Doom, which is tough to say because that movie isn’t great, but Harrison Ford is very attractive in it.

Indiana Jones


And, if we’re being honest, having Isaac (who is 42 years old) play Indiana Jones feels about right. Harrison Ford was nearly 39 years old when Raiders of the Lost Ark came out, so it makes sense to have someone who has a long career in Hollywood and is in their 40s take it over.

It’s not like they’re itching to make this happen. Harrison Ford IS coming back for Indiana Jones 5 soon, so we’re still getting content from my favorite archeologist. But I’m just saying that if they wanted to do a better remake of Temple of Doom, I wouldn’t be mad about letting Oscar Isaac take a swing at it.

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