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Would You Let an Origami Razor Paper Cut Your Hair Off?

Step 1: get all the gauze.


I’ve always felt shaving was the most harrowing aspect of personal grooming–one slip and suddenly you’re Sweeney Todd-ing all over the place. But would an origami razor that paper-cuts hair away be any improvement? One baby-faced man thinks so.

Nadeem Haidary is the designer of Paper Cut Razor, an eco-friendly “fictional product. ” He explains,

Paper cuts are universally hated. What if we put them to good use? This project uses that everyday mishap as inspiration for an everyday task. Paper Cut Razor takes a seemingly outrageous idea and makes it real. It’s a disposable razor made entirely out of paper. It’s a fictional product that playfully challenges two notions: that paper cuts are inherently evil, and that current disposable razors are truly disposable.


The slight build of Haidary’s recyclable prototypes definitely calls attention to the waste inherent in plastic disposable razors, although it looks like a fair amount of paper would be used packaging the water-proof products. Gizmodo points out that to save space the razors could be delivered flat, but personally I know I would just wind up with a mangled razor and bleeding hands.


If origami razors did become a reality, would you be  willing to try them? The thought of a million tiny paper cuts (especially on one’s more sensitive areas) is cringe-worthy, although less so when you consider the other hair removal options out there. If nothing else, check out Paper Cut’s website for some impressively utilitarian origami–to think I was proud of finally mastering the crane.


(via Gizmodo, original image via Nadeem Haidary)

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