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Opera Parodies Chrome Speed Tests with Boiled Potatoes, Herring Sword Fights

Earlier this month, Google rolled out a cheeky, competitive video that compared the speed of Google’s Chrome browser with a potato gun, sound waves, and lightning, with Chrome getting the upper hand each time. Now, just days after Chrome for Mac and Linux phased out of beta, Norway-based Opera Software has launched a parody of the Chrome video with a distinctly Scandinavian sense of humor.

Rather than compare the speed of their Opera browser to a shooting potato, they compared it to a boiling potato. Many hijinks ensue, including the titularly-alluded-to herring sword fight, in what is at once an homage to Google’s video and a mockery of its silliness and pomp.

Tellingly, the Opera speed test video, which was released yesterday, currently has a little over 300 views on YouTube. Chrome’s video, which was released on May 3rd, has 2.15 million.

(Just kidding, Opera! We love you and your feature-rich practicality, and some of us at Geekosystem even use you.)

The original Google speed test video, for context:

(h/t CNET)

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