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“Give a Sh!t” Donation Drive for the Poop Transplant Bank Needs You to Doo Your Duty

Or do your doody. Your call.

OpenBiome is a non-profit poop transplant bank. That’s right; people give a crap, and then OpenBiome hangs onto it and sends it to a hospital in need, where it’s transplanted to replenish good digestive bacteria and cure C. diff bacterial infection. The #2 method is the #1 way to treat potentially deadly C. diff, and OpenBiome needs you to drop a load (of cash) on their “Give a Sh!t” donation campaign to expand the operation and help more people.

Though OpenBiome can ship their “deposits” to hospitals, the procedure could use a little help to become more regular. To keep things from getting unnecessarily backed up, OpenBiome is developing poop pills that would make the whole process go more smoothly. That’s one of the reasons they need the Internet’s assistance.

They’re running a “Give a Sh!t” donation drive on Indiegogo to raise a buttload of money ($100,000) in exchange for some great services and rewards including a crocheted “pooper hero.” Really.


Or for a little—actually kind of a lot—more green, they’ll take your brown, freeze it for you in case you need it transplanted in the future, and do an analysis of your microbiome. What’s so important about your microbiome? Let AsapSCIENCE explain:

That’s why poop transplants can be so important. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got some donating to doo.

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