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Things We Saw Today: These Ridiculous Ocean Memes Are Everything


Ocean memes

Every now and then Twitter can play host to quality content, as evidenced over the weekend with the attention given to “ocean memes Twitter.” These nonsensical takes on marine life—as well as other subjects like math—have been floating around for years, but enjoyed a boost after a compilation Tweet went viral. They are nigh-on unexplainable and would make little sense to someone from another century, but they’re hilarious in a way that just keeps delivering. I still giggle whenever I think about “Father Pellegrini.”

Many of the featured ocean memes that kicked off the current ocean meme wave (sorry) of appreciation were created by the Twitter account Welcome to My Meme Page (@WTMMP), which is brilliantly funny and may also induce a state of existential crisis. A few replies to the thread that went viral pointed out the proper attribution, and then @WTMMP retweeted to confirm.

But I think we can all agree that these memes are meant in good fun, and the nature of a finely wrought meme is to spread its tentacles to every corner of the Internet and human consciousness. And the viral thread did bring the joy of ocean memes and @WTMMP’s odd genius to many new eyeballs. Shall we plunge into greater depths?

There are similar math memes, you say? I feel as though this math meme gazed into the inner recesses of my soul and my high school math report cards.

If you require yet more memes on yet more inscrutable topics:

There are many, many more almost untranslatable, unreasonably funny memes out there to enjoy. Start at @WTMMP. You won’t regret it. Unless you start questioning the very fabric and nature of reality? At least we’ll still have Father Pellegrini.

(image: WelcomeToMyMemePage on Twitter)

What else did we see today?

  • The governor of Illinois arranged secret flights to bring in masks and gloves from China, since the Trump administration has been seizing PPE the states buy and using it for their own distributive ends. (via Yahoo)
  • Speaking of quality Twitter content, museums held a showdown to determine the world’s creepiest exhibit. (via The Guardian)
  • Ticketmaster will be slightly less cartoonishly evil and will refund money on some tickets to events that were canceled because of the pandemic. (via Deadline)
  • Here are some fave genre movie scenes created in Animal Crossing style (via SyFy)

What did you see today?

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